A story of success

The company

For almost 60 years, the company has been involved in International shipments at 360° through import/export services, logistics, customs practices and intrast.

The company ranks among the top 200 best companies in the shipping industry and customs operations agencies in Italy (Plimsoll March 2019 case study on 893 company in Italy).

We are the ideal partner for any company, small or large, as we provide suitable advice for each company and support at all stages of the process, from analysis, to customs operations, following the goods to destination.

Our strengths:

Multilingual staff

Highly qualified and competent multilingual staff, able to offer timely solutions and responses to every request

A capillary network

Agents across Europe and beyond


Bertin's company, thanks to almost sixty years of experience, has been able to maintain constant growth, obtaining a lot of certification and praise from customers
The Ideal Partner for all companies

The Bertin’ Team

European Partners
Years of Business

Corporate sustainability

The Bertin company has been introducing a sustainability education plan for several years providing itself with organizational structures for reducing emission, energy waste and pollution.
Corporate governance develops socially responsible choices:

  • Choosing energy efficiency during the work cycle, reducing power consumption and drastically reducing the use of polluting fuels;
  • Avoiding the unjustified use of plastic bottles, equipping offices with water dispensers;
  • Focusing on the valorisation and respect of the person in the workplace.

Our services

Trasporti stradali - Bertin Srl

Road freight

Our Company are able to offer solutions for truck transports to and from...

Spedizioni aeree - Bertin Srl

Air freight

We are present worldwide with a widespread network of agents, office...

Trasporti stradali - Bertin Srl

Ocean freight

We reach all destinations world-wide, providing a stringent assistance till the...