Road freight


International and national traffic

Our Company is able to offer solutions for truck transports to and from whatever Europe and Extra-EU destinantions, both for full load (FTL) and for partial groupage (LTL) thanks to a network of qualified and selected partners.

Our flexibility allows us to manage the single box to full truck, even through express parcel and dedicated trailer, thanks to a network of reliable correspondents, certified carriers, highly qualified personnel, a wide range of services (tracking, customs management and POD).

A short transit time: a daily and bi-weekly departures for the most important destinations make us the ideal choice!

The company ranks among the top 200 best companies in the shipping industry and customs operations agencies in Italy (Plimsoll March 2019 case study on 893 company in Italy).

We are the ideal partner for any company, small or large, as we provide suitable advice for each company and support at all stages of the process, from analysis, to customs operations, following the goods to destination.