Vision & Mission

Our mission

Acting in the present

In this business, unexpected events are commonplace.
Our mission is to act in the present, helping the customer in every strategic decision in order to achieve the maximum result, keeping a good value for money to meet the market needs excelling our customers' expectations.
We consider each good a precious commodity and, as such, we move it to the final destination.

2015 year

Turnover 10.292.717
Nr. shipments 51.045

2016 year

Turnover 10.036.721
Nr. shipments 49.942

2017 year

Turnover 10.510.474
Nr. shipments 48.904

2018 year

Turnover 10.732.391
Nr. shipments 47.829


Our services

Trasporti stradali - Bertin Srl

Road freight

Our Company are able to offer solutions for truck transports to and from...

Spedizioni aeree - Bertin Srl

Air freight

We are present worldwide with a widespread network of agents, office...

Trasporti stradali - Bertin Srl

Ocean freight

We reach all destinations world-wide, providing a stringent assistance till the...

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